Gimp #1

The fun stuff I’m learning to do in the gimp…

Petra, Solo (no BG)

Now I just need to work on finding good backgrounds to replace the old ones.

political compass

Have you ever taken a look at It’s kinda neat; based on your answers to various questions, it tells you where you are, politically. Here’s my numbers; imagine it as a cartesian graph:
Economic Left/Right: -4.50 (X-axis: Left = -, Right = +)
Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.82 (Y-Axis: Libertarian = -, Authoritarian = +)

So basically (according to that site), I’m a left libertarian. I’m closer to politically neutral (center) than my good friend Paul. According to the sample graphs, others with similar political viewpoints include the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela.

Funny, I never thought of myself in that way.

GIMPing for fun

I’ve decided that I need to use the GIMP more often, so I’m reading Grokking the GIMP. It’s online and published under a free document license (even though it’s also available as a dead-tree version). To aid in my education, here’s a list of web pages that have free images.

Well, crap

So one of my DVD players crapped out yesterday. Luckily, not the one that I actually watch DVDs on, but unlickily, it’s the one that I watch all my VCDs and SVCDs on. It still plays the video from VCDs and SVCDs, but the audio is really low (I’ve got the volume on the player and on the TV maxed out), and it won’t play any video or audio at all on DVDs.
But since I paid less than $100 for it at Wal-Mart about 2 years ago, I think I’ve gotten my money out of it. Now the only problem is, what am I going to buy to replace it? I’m actually thinking I may just not buy another DVD player, and instead get a slimline DVD-ROM drive for my “test” computer; it’s in a slimline case already anyway (it looks like a PS2 when I’ve got it standing on end), and would probably fit the bill just fine.
Now the only trick is finding a small form-factor, 9mm height DVD-ROM drive with a black bezel and a standard 44-pin IDE connector (or even better, a standard 40-pin IDE connector and a 2-pin floppy power connector) that I can fit into the case.
Here’s hoping.

Atkins yay!

I’ve been on the Atkins plan for about two months now (well, six weeks to two months, I lost count). I’m down to 251 pounds as of when I got up this afternoon. That’s down from over 280 when I started. My personal goal is 185, but I think I may settle for 200. I can’t remember the last time I was down that low, but I think it was some time in 1995.
The hardest part (and the part that’s the REAL reason I’m not below 250 by now) is the fact that bread (actually, most foods that have starch in them) is essentially verboten. And bread is a major component of many of my favorite foods, like sandwiches and pizza. For example, I’ve lost 3 or 4 pounds in the last 2 days, but it’s all weight that I put on this weekend when I got a pizza and a sixpack.
But I’ve got the willpower (I hope) to resist most of these urges. Now I just need to make myself start exercising.

Tech Support rant #1

UGH! OK, listen up. If you’ve ever called tech support, you probably need to read this, and commit it to memory.

“Reboot” means “Shut down and restart”.
“Restart” means “Shut down and restart”.
“Restore” means “Run that piece of shit CD you got from your computer manufacturer which formats your system”.

Reboot == Restart != Restore