Linux update

I’d been wondering for the last few weeks what I was doing wrong, such that I was always presented with a “enter super-user password for maintenance, or ^D for normal boot”. Then when my system crashed this morning, and I had to drive home on a break to fix it, I noticed that there was that nice little word “single” on the boot= line in GRUB. Remove that, and presto! The system boots up without me needing to press ^D.

Now if I could only train myself to actually type “vmlinuz” instead of “vmlinux”. That gets me every time.

Incidentally, I recently switched from devfs to udev.. Good stuff. It actually deals with the buggy usb-storage kernel module correctly: Before I switched, when I unplugged my Archos Jukebox, and then plugged it back in, I’d have to manually change the mount command, since the jukebox’d keep being assigned a new SCSI ID. Udev deals with this correctly: “/dev/sda1” is the first SCSI disk connected to the system, regardless of its actual host/bus/target/lun. This is, in my opinion, very useful.

Plus, it makes it so that I can use an automount daemon again, instead of mounting the drive by hand. Since I’m really lazy, this is a good thing.