Spiral Cut Hot Dogs Before Grilling for Maximum Meaty Goodness and Plenty of Room for Toppings [Food Hacks]

Spiral Cut Hot Dogs Before Grilling for Maximum Meaty Goodness and Plenty of Room for Toppings Cooking a hot dog isn’t rocket science, but making that hot dog something really special can be trickier than loading it up with toppings. The fine folks at Chow suggest giving your hot dog a quick spiral cut before putting it on the grill: It’ll cook up perfectly straight, you boost the surface area so you get more of that nice grilled flavor, and once it’s on the bun there are plenty of nooks and crannies for relish and other toppings to fit into.

Check out the video at the link below to see how this works???it turns out the spiral cut is really simple???just skewer the hot dog, hold your knife at an angle, and roll it away from you under the knife. Take the dog off of the skewer and drop it on the grill. One of the benefits of the spiral cut is that the hot dog will cook up perfectly straight, and you won’t have to worry about it curling up, the skin ripping, or it cooking unevenly. Every tiny corner of the dog will cook up with that nice, caramelized flavor that makes grilling so delicious. Chow’s Blake Smith notes that the spiral cut dog also fits better in a bun once it’s cooked up, and the toppings just fall right into the crevices, making every bite tastier.

For another boost of flavor, consider marinading your dogs before they go on the grill???they actually take well to it. Of course, if you’re not into hot dogs, you can definitely do the same thing with sausages or brats, just be careful of any meat that’ll start to fall apart before cooking once the casing is cut. Have any more hot dog grilling tips? Let’s hear them in the comments below.

Why You Should Spiral Cut Your Hot Dog for Grilling | CHOW

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Odd and Even

A puzzle by Noboyuki Yoshigahara:

???An odd number plus an odd number makes an even number. An even number plus an odd number makes an odd number. An even number plus an even number is an even number. Right????


???An odd number times an odd number is an odd number. An even number times an odd number is an even number. Right????


???An even number times an even number is an odd number. Right????


???You don???t think so? An even number times an even number is an odd number.???


Click for solution ???

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How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management Tool [Project Management]

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management ToolGoogle Calendar is great for managing appointments, but that’s not all it can do. The sharing, searchability, timeline view, and other features make Google Calendar a simple but powerful project management tool. Andrea Vascellari, digital marketing consultant and CEO of itive.net, shares how you can use Google Calendar for your team and with your clients.

Do you need a great tool to better manage your team, timelines, deadlines, relevant project’s data for you and for your clients? Here’s how Google Calendar can help you out.

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management ToolCreate a calendar for each project ??? To preserve client privacy I temporarily changed the title of each calendar you see in this first screenshot. The syntax though remains the same, ???year’ (11=2011, 10=2010, etc.) and then the ???name of the project’. Using a proper syntax helps you to keep your calendar in order and makes them easier to browse/search.

Sharing ??? Share the calendar with the members of your team involved in the project. You can even share calendars with clients if they express the need to monitor the stream of activities and project deadlines. I’ve been in this situation a couple of times.

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management Tool

Timeline ??? By placing the tasks on the calendar you’ll automatically turn each calendar into a detailed project’s timeline. I found the ???agenda’ view particularly valuable because it gives a clear overview of the upcoming deadlines you have set.

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management Tool

Manage client access ??? Like I said above when I was talking about ???sharing’, sometimes you can plan to give (or the clients want to have) access to the calendar/timeline. A problem I faced is that in complex projects you might want to create two versions of the calendar. One for the team with the technical details they need/want to edit during the project development, and a second one for the client with all its relevant information (periodic results, deadlines, key data, meetings, etc.). On larger projects you can create dedicated calendars for multiple teams, too.

Problem solving ??? With every project comes a good number of problems, roadblocks or issues. Often these issues are spotted by members of the team while they are taking care of their tasks. What can be done? The member of the team that is facing the problem writes it in the calendar as an ???all day’ entry adding his/her name next to it. Other members of the team, that can/know how to solve the issue, take care of it or write on the entry tips on how to solve it. Once the problem is solved the entry will be marked as FIXED. If at the end of the day the problem is still not fixed, it can be moved (click & drag) to the next day or to a different date. I know that at first this might not sound easy or natural but I can guarantee you that, once you get into it, it will help you working faster and better with your team. It’s like an open and on-going problem solving channel. Of course, the internal organization of how and who takes care of solving problems can change from company to company and team to team. You can really take this to the next level by enabling your team to add the ???mobile’ component to it (check the links I shared at the end of this post to learn how to sync these features with your iPhone).

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management Tool

Hashtags # ??? I mentioned the use of hashtags for internal data management in a couple of other posts but I’ll bring it back in this one, too. Google calendar is searchable (I’ll never get tired to remind it!). This is very important because it turns our calendar into a database. Using hashtags in our calendar’s entries helps us in searching and tracking specific items over time. Use a unique hashtag for each project you work on. The tags are the same I use with my team in tweets and shared content (photos, video, etc.). Result? Whenever I search for a hashtag I’ll get a complete list of the performed tasks with relative date and time. Here’s where things get interesting, go on reading the next point???

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management Tool

Export data (PDF) ??? Every calendar, search results or specific layouts (day, week, month, 4 days, agenda) are printable and therefore exportable in PDF format. This is really handy when you need a summary of the work you’ve done (you can get it by searching for a specific hashtag related to a project) or for the list of future tasks of your project (printing/PDF the ???agenda’ layout is what works at best for me). Believe it or not there might still be occasions in which people will ask you for a PDF version of the data. It happened to me with external teams and clients (especially government and public organizations, they often still need something to print out on paper. Well yes they could access it online but??? you go and figure that out).

How to Use Google Calendar as a Project Management Tool

What makes Google Calendar a great tool is its simplicity. I’m sure there are many other ways it can be used to help with project management. In this post I shared my tips & suggestions, what about yours?

Andrea Vascellari, an award-winning digital marketing consultant and keynote speaker in the online communications industry, is currently the CEO of itive.net, a digital strategy agency he founded in 2006. Andrea is also a well renowned blogger; you can find out more about him over at http://andreavascellari.com/.

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HDMI Over Ethernet Adapter Extends HDMI Connections Up to 98 Feet, Saves Money [Video]

HDMI Over Ethernet Adapter Extends HDMI Connections Up to 98 Feet, Saves MoneyHDMI is a great technology, but if you have to run the cable over long distances they’re not the most reliable. Ethernet, on the other hand, is better at traveling many feet. It’s also cheaper. The solution? Use an Ethernet capable to extend your HDMI connections. All you need is this little adapter.

As Apartment Therapy Tech points out, the cost of running HDMI over long distances is about 80 cents per foot, whereas Ethernet is only 15 cents. Seems like a pretty good deal.

HDMI Extender Using Cat5e or CAT6 Cable ($18) | Monoprice via Apartment Therapy

from Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5918457/hdmi-over-ethernet-adapter-extends-hdmi-connect…

Key Lime Pie for Two

Everything???s cuter in mini form right? Coopers, dogs, hobbits ??? all??irresistible. Skirts are the only mini that come to mind that need a little more personal censorship??? And we all know what happens when you shrink desserts down to a mini size. We go gaga over them. Mini muffins, doughnuts, tarts, and more call us to them with an un-natural??amount??of gravity for their pint sized portions. Mini ice cream container? Oh, yeah, I???ll finish you. Tiny cookie, I???ll take two.

So when I saw a min key lime pie??? well, I???m guessing you figured it out.

This Key Lime Pie in the back of Cook???s Illustrated Cooking for two was the perfect weeknight surprise for my man. However, since it uses only a bit of this, and a bit of that, it would be a great dessert for a small social gathering. You can quickly (I know, from the pages of Cook???s Illustrated) make several of these and have them??waiting??and ready for guests.

Or, you could be like me, make one and devour it???s tiny little self.


???????? ?? Print This!????????

Key Lime Pie for Two

From??ATK Cooking for Two 2011 Best Of??Supplement


For the Filling:

  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 2 teas grated lime zest
  • 1/4 cup fresh lime juice
  • 2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk

For the Crust:

  • 4 whole graham crackers, broken into 1-inch pieces
  • 2 tbs unsalted butter, melted and cooled
  • 4 teas granulated sugar

For the Topping:

  • 1/4 cup heavy cream, chilled
  • 2 teas confectiners??? sugar
  • 1/8 teas vanilla extract


For the filling: Whisk egg yolks and lime zest together in a medium bowl until the mixture has a light green tint, about 1 minute. Whisk in the condensed milk until smooth, about 1 minute more. Then whisk in lime juice until combined. Cover mixture and set aside at room temperature until thickened, about 30 minutes.

For the crust: Meanwhile, adjust oven rack to middle position and preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Process graham cracker pieces in food processor to fine, even crumbs, about 30 seconds. Sprinkle butter and granulated sugar over crumbs and pulse to??incorporate. Sprinkle crumb mixture into 6-inch pie plate. Press the crumb mixture into an even layer on bottom and sides of plate.

Bake until crust is fragrant and??slightly??golden brown, 13-18 minutes. Transfer pie plate to wire rack; do not turn oven off. (Crust must still be warm when filling is added).

Pour thickened filling into warm pie crust. Bake pie until center is firm, but jiggles slightly when shaken, 15 to 20 minutes. Let pie cool??slightly??on wire rack, about 1 hour, then cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate until filling has set, about 3 hours.



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PGP founder creates secure voice mobile app, bets people will pay for privacy

PGP creator Phil Zimmerman has launched Silent Circle, an encrypted phone-call app for Android and iOS. The service will likely cost $20/month, for which Zimmerman does not apologize: “This is not Facebook. Our customers are customers. They’re not products. They’re not part of the inventory” (from CNet).

Silent Circle’s planned debut comes amid recent polls suggesting that Internet users remain concerned about online data collection (or at least are willing to tell pollsters so), with Facebook topping health insurers, banks, and even the federal government as today’s No. 1 privacy threat. Yet even after a decade of startups that have tried to capitalize on these concerns, consumers spending their own money remain consistently difficult to persuade that paying for privacy is worth it.

Zimmermann hopes to overcome this reluctance by offering a set of services designed from the start to be simple to use: encrypted e-mail, encrypted phone calls, and encrypted instant messaging. (Encrypted SMS text messages are eventually planned too.)

Silent Circle | Worldwide Private Encrypted Communications(via O’Reilly Radar)

from Boing Boing http://boingboing.net/2012/06/13/pgp-founder-creates-secure-voi.html?utm_sour…

Add Ambient Notification Lights to an IKEA Desk Surface [Video]

Want your desk to notify you whenever you receive a phone call, text message, or pretty much any other alert? DIYer Michael LaGrasta altered his IKEA desk to shine ambient light across the surface to let him know when something needs his attention.

As you might expect, this isn’t an incredibly easy DIY project, but it’s not that difficult either. With an Ethernet-enabled Arduino controller, some well-positioned LED lights, a little code, and a few other items, Michael was able to put together a pretty simple and pretty awesome notification system inside his desk. Check out the video for a detailed look at hit up the post over at MAKE for the full instructions.

DeskLights 2.0 | MAKE Projects

from Lifehacker http://lifehacker.com/5917548/add-ambient-notification-lights-to-an-ikea-desk…