Things I want in the (not-yet-created) 3rd-Generation iPod Touch

Since Apple didn’t update the product line at their event this afternoon, I figure I’ll post my wishlist of things that I want to see in the new model.  Since anyone with that kind of clout reads this page.

  • A Camera. Stills is fine, video would be an added bonus.  The camera on my BlackBerry sucks big-time, and I’d like to take cute pictures of Nora without having to carry a 3rd piece of electronics around with me.
  • Full Bluetooth support. I want to be able to sync with my MacBook over Bluetooth, I want to be able to use the Bluetooth speakers in my office (or Bluetooth headphones, if I ever buy any). I want full file-transfer abilities, too; not just the crappy “you can sync your calendar and contacts” that it has now.
  • A good speaker (yes, I know that the 2nd-generation iPod Touch has a speaker; I don’t have one of those) with an independent software volume control for each of sound effects and music

I think that if Apple added all three of those features, I might downgrade my BlackBerry to “stick that makes phone calls”, and do all of the “funnest” stuff on the iPod.  Or if Apple gives up on the AT&T exclusivity for the iPhone, and lets T-Mobile sell them in the US, I’ll just trade both out for an iPhone 3GS.  But since I don’t see that happening any time soon, I’ll just have to continue hoping for upgrades instead….

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