Musings on 140 characters

Sometimes, it seems like my normally quiet nature works against me. I have a blog (you’re reading it right now), but it seems like 95% of the posts in the last few years are the reposts from (née The long format just isn’t something at which I’m very good. Twitter seems to be a little better for me, but I fear that were I to abandon the blog altogether, I’d eventually have something to say that wouldn’t fit into the 140 characters that you get from Twitter (for example, this post, which is up to 555 characters already). But in the same vein, I also worry that the blog has become a wasteland, a remnant of better days when I had more to say (or at least, was able to write more about what I wanted to say). Plus there’s the whole “what happens to your data if the cloud blows away” aspect; what if twitter were to go under? All the posts that I make, even considering the signal:noise ratio, vanish into the aether. The digital world is even more transient than the physical, I understand that, but at least while I control my own sites, I can be reasonably certain that what I’ve written won’t vanish without warning.