Ooh, shiny.

It seems I’ve decided to at least work on the backend of the blog again, if not make a conscious effort to post more often (although I suppose that if I post about every update I make, that’ll at least be something).

I created a new blog for Heather this morning; check it out if you feel so inclined. Only one post so far, but there’s only so much that happens in one day, you know?

So. Theme updates; I moved from K2 (which I still really like) to Tarski. It’s one of the 9 themes on wordpress.org, so I’ll definitely need to change things like the header image, and possibly some of the font settings; I don’t want this site to look like hundreds of other new wordpress blogs that have just moved away from Kubrick.

I also created a bare-minimum plugin for this site which adds OpenID headers to the front page. I figured that manually editing header.php for every theme would rapidly get quite boring. It’s actually amazingly easy to write simple plugins like this. I doubt I’ll ever release the plugin for general usage; in its current state it’s very bare-bones and requires not only multiple manual edits to the plugin file to get it working correctly, but also requires a working installation of phpMyID.

And with that, I’ll be signing off.

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