Holy crap, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Note: very very very strong language here; definitely not safe for work unless you wear headphones.

heh. iTheme.

It’s cheesy, but I’ll leave it up for a day or two. In case you’re reading the feed version of this, I installed a new theme on the site called “iTheme”. It’s pretty much an “I’m a Mac über-fanboi” theme, but it’s worth a laugh for a day or two.

A test post via IMified

So I found a new thing called “IMified” this morning. It seems like a neat concept; do things via IM. For example, I’m posting this entry via AIM right now. There are a lot of “widgets” in their library that you can use for things like todo items, or reminders, or (obviously) posting blog entries on a wordpress-style blog. If you are interested in such a thing, you should go to www.imified.com.


OK, I just started watching Heroes (I know, I’m about 4 months late in the game), and holy crap is it awesome. It’s like no other TV series I’ve seen before. It’s got interesting characters, and a great plot. At least, so far as I can tell; it’s a bit like a JJ Abrams series so far with a different plot twist for every character.

If you have the means, I definitely suggest you pick up the first season.