School food sucks, and a rant about cooking

Not that I have much experience in the former; it’s been about 11 years since the last school lunch I ate. However, I think it’s a fair to assume that kids still eat all kinds of crap food on a regular basis; I know I did when I was in school. Heck, I still do today, although on a much more reduced scale.
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New blog I’m reading: Kitchen Parade

I just found a new favorite blog of the week, called Kitchen Parade. Excellent, tasty recipes (at least, the most recent 15 seem to be), and nutritional information below most of the recipes. The ones which feature consistent ingredients, that is; things like “leftover soup” (i.e, soup made from leftovers) can’t be calculated. And Points! Each recipe which features nutritional information includes Weight Watcher Point values per serving. That’s awesome, because I’m frequently too lazy to even go to the effort of (divide calories by 50, add 1/14th of the fat grams, subtract 1/5 of the fiber).

So if you’re in the market for a new food blog to read, I think you might enjoy Kitchen Parade. Check it out and subscribe! (although, do yourself a favor, and use the RSS feed instead of the Atom feed; the latter only contains the most recent article)