Blogging from within SecondLife, second try

I’ll keep this short in case I start chatting random stuff to people who happen to be walking by (wish I knew a way to do this silently).

I’ve decided to start blogging from inside SL, at least for a little while (i.e., until I get bored with it). So look for posts from “slstats” that will be from in-game, complete with SL addresses if you want to see for yourself.

The furrent one, in Huin, is the plaza where you can pick up free watches.

This entry was posted by Second Life resident Delogos Burleigh from Huin.

Update: This is what I posted the first time (I apparently got the posting permissions wrong initially).

Yeah, I know it’s kinda silly (and really exposes how much of an Internet geek I am), but I decided to give it a try anyway. I’ve been playing Second Life for a while now (my RezDay is 10/31/2005), and it’s fun enough.

I don’t have a paid account, but I have a “grandfathered” basic account, so the stipend is still in effect for me. Anyway, posts from within SL will show up as this username. Feel free to ignore ‘em if you want.

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