Gas book, whee!

So I keep track of every tank of gas I buy. My parents did it for their cars when I was growing up. And while I neglected to do so for my first two cars, I decided that since I bought my current vehicle with only 30 miles on the odometer, I should start the habit.

The statistics I’m seeing are a bit interesting:
In the last 445 days, I’ve driven 11,000 miles (or so), put 636 gallons of gas into the tank, and spend a little over $1400 (US). That’s a hell of a lot of money, at an average of $0.13/mile.

Although, given that I drive a V-6 pickup, the 17.6 mpg that I’m averaging isn’t too bad. Please, no comments from the drivers of hybrid vehicles on this.

Needless to say, I’m very interested to see if Ford actually comes out with a hybridized version of the F-150 like they’ve said they could; if they do, it should hit the market some time in the next couple years. I’ll probably get in line for one of those if they’re not too much more than I paid for my Ranger.

time for a rant

It’s been a very long time since I wrote my last rant. Mainly because there hasn’t been much need for it; I haven’t gotten angry about much in the last while. But that has all changed now.

And the target of my rant this time: abbreviations, shorthand, “chat speak”, whatever you call it.

I’m sick and tired of people using chat speak. A large part of my job involves communicating via instant messenger, and it irritates me to no end when I get a message that says “take 15” instead of “can I take a break?” or “what did u say about that maint?” instead of “what did you say about that maintenance?”. I spent a lot of time in school, learning how to spell words and put them together in an order that makes sense to almost everyone. I also know that everyone I message during my shift has completed at least 12 years of school, and should definitely know how to put all of the words together in the proper order, and with all of the letters due to each word.

I can understand if you’re using a device where it’s tedious to type all of the words (like a cell phone, sending an SMS message), but come on… If you’re using a full-size (or even laptop-size) keyboard, there’s no excuse not to type all of the letters in a word. And since it’s never (no, never) necessary for anyone to send a question to me in less than 10 seconds, especially since I’m almost certainly going to take at least twice that long to read, understand, and answer your question, take some time, relax, think about the question you want to ask, and type it out in a grammatically correct way: subject and verb, capitalization and punctuation.

Sending messages that look like a 12-year-old who’s off his Ritalin and using a cell phone to send SMS messages just makes you look like an idiot.

Myspace profile customization

Whee, that was fun. Mike Davidson posted a nice little guide on customizing myspace profiles, which I adapted a bit to my own needs. It still needs a lot of work (for example, a better color scheme than my grey-on-grey with red accents), but it’s a lot better than the default myspace profile look.

Update 2009-05-09: I’m tired of people getting this post through Google searches and thinking it’s about compromising Myspace, so I’ve changed the post title and the wording of one of the links on this page.

Titles and subject lines are the bane of my existence

OK, that was silly. But anyway…

I suppose some updates are in order, since it’s been a long time since my last “real” update. I know a few people are subscribed to my RSS feed, but in all likelihood, only about 5 people will read this entry anyway. Well, aside from the Googlebot. Hi, Googlebot!

But what to update about? Everyone who reads this already knows that I’ve been going out with Heather for the last month, and I’m not going to say anything more about that for fear of jinxing it. My job isn’t particularly interesting these days, so there’s nothing new to report there, either. Nobody’s managed to piss me off, so there’s no real material to base a rant on. I did install a new hard drive and bluetooth module in my laptop, but that’s not really anything newsworthy.

Hm. Maybe an update isn’t really something I need to do. Maybe I just need to get out and do things that I can write about here instead.

I’ll do that tomorrow. Really.


I’m not usually into these things, but here we go anyway:

You Are Rowlf the Dog

Mellow and serious, you enjoy time alone cultivating your talents.
You’re a cool dog, and you always present a relaxed vibe.
A talented pianist, you can play almost anything – especially songs by Beethoven.
“My bark is worse than my bite, and my piano playing beats ’em both.”