Re: le grand experiment

Wow, that didn’t take long at all.

I don’t know why (i.e., I can’t really narrow down the reason to anything specific), but I really didn’t like using for my work email.  I don’t know; maybe it was the lack of a simple and quick solution to the “mark mailbox read” problem, maybe it was how slow some of the filters took to apply.  But in any case, I’m back to using Thunderbird for my work email; it just seems to work better.

I’ll probably miss the Spotlight searching some day, but hopefully by then there’ll be a plugin for Thunderbird that will remedy that problem.

le grand experiment

Oh, boy!

I decided to see if 2.0 is cool enough to handle all the email I get at work (about a thousand messages a day).  I’ve been using Thunderbird exclusively for my work account for about the last 2 years, so it should be interesting to see how quickly I can adapt.

I’m already missing a few features that I really liked having in Thunderbird, chief among them the “mark mailbox as read”.  I know I can do that with applescript, and can even set a keyboard shortcut for it.  It’s just a pain that although the function exists in, it doesn’t have a shortcut by default.

I do, however, look forward to using Spotlight® to search through all of my email.  I rarely need to do such things, but it’ll be nice to have the option now.