Mario Kart DS Friend Codes

Mario Kart DS has this nifty feature where you can “locate” your friends online for internet-based multiplayer. It’s pretty neat, but Nintendo pretty much requires you to distrubute your friend codes by word-of-mouth; there’s no central repository for friend codes on their site, and they’ve even specifically banned the discussion of trading these codes on their forums. So it’s the old-fashioned way for now, until some enterprising individual decides to make up a site for sharing codes.


Comments are enabled; leave yours as well. Any maybe if I get bored I’ll make up a searchable database or something.

WordPress 2.0beta2

So mere hours after hearing that WordPress 2.0 (beta) was available, I’m up and running with it.  Looks nice, although none of the changes really show up on the “public” side.  The admin area is now skinned in a slightly more appealing way.  Upgrade was pretty much painless.  Maybe some time soon I’ll see the changelog so I can figure out exactly what changed.

Update: It appears ecto can’t post successfully to WP2 yet. I’m sure it’ll be updated soon, but for now I guess I’ll just post updates the “old-fashioned” way via the admin page.

Update 2: (2005-11-26) OK, a few test posts later, and here’s the new verdict: ecto posts just fine to WP2b2. I think WP isn’t working with the GMT timestamps properly or something; ecto is sending the timestamp properly in the XMLRPC post, and is sending the post date/time correctly as well. But when it gets into the weblog itself, the TZ settings are wrong, and they’re sitting at “6 hours from now” in the “Upcoming Posts” section. I’ll hack on it more when I get tired of playing mariokart. For now, I set ecto to back-date the posts by 6 hours. It’ll look weird in my logs, but at least it’ll work the way I expect it to.

Quick link – Top 20 geek novels — the results! from Guardian Unlimited: Technology

Top 20 geek novels — the results! from Guardian Unlimited: Technology:

I think this list is pretty accurate; of the 20 books listed, the only ones I haven’t read are Brave New World, Watchmen, Consider Phlebas, and Trouble With Lichen.  Considering that there were only 132 respondents in the poll, that’s well within my margin of error.

A Brief Survey: Webcomics

Not all webcomics, mind.  Just some of the older ones on my list.

User Friendly:

I’m pretty sure UF is the first webcomic that I read on a regular basis.  It’s on my old static bookmarks page, which I haven’t used in a very long time.  But recently, even with the new AJ/Miranda thing, it’s just getting old.  Yeah, I get it.  Microsoft is bad, Linux is good.  Can we get some more inventive plots?

Sluggy Freelance:

I can understand that Pete needs to do something new, but for crap’s sake, I’m tired of the stupid hyper-intelligent caribou!  I don’t even read Sluggy any more on weekdays any more; I load the page up, see the stupid caribou, and close it.  I really enjoy the guest-comic Saturdays that Clay Yount does, though.

General Protection Fault:

GPF was going through a rough spell there for a while, to the point that I stopped reading it for about 3 months.  I just got tired of the overly-complicated, multi-month story arcs that didn’t really follow the main characters.  But (the current guest week aside) it’s gotten a lot better recently, and I’m back to checking it on a daily basis.

Something Positive:

R.K. Milholland is an amazing artist.  His artwork isn’t photorealistic (like what you may have seen in a recent story arc of Applegeeks), but something about his writing style, characters, and sheer irreverence for most things keeps bringing me back.  I can’t remember an s*p strip that I didn’t like.

More later if I get the urge.  There’s 108 webcomics on my list, so there’s still plenty of things left for me to write about.

Quick link – OS X 10.4.3 SafeSleep

How to use “Safe Sleep” in OS X:
This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while; software-suspend for my iBook G4.  I always hated having to carry around a brick in order to swap batteries on my iBook; it was either that, or be prepared to save everything, shut all the way down to “power off”, swap batteries, and start up again.  Since the latter involves remembering all of the programs you’re using, and starting them back up again, and also remembering what you were doing before you waited 4 minutes for your system to shut down and start up again, I pretty much avoided that plan.  Which required me to carry around a brick: plug the brick into the wall (and the laptop, of course), pull the discharged battery, plug in the new battery, unplug the brick and stow it.
This new development means I can just close my laptop, wait for the flashing light, and swap the batteries.  I do see a few seconds extra while waiting for the “sleeping” light to start pulsing (obviously while the contents of memory are written do disc), and a corresponding wait to restore from sleep (when the sleepfile is read into memory).  But that’s a price I’m willing to pay if it means I can have 8 or 9 hours of battery life without having to carry around that brick.