I like the concept of bittorrent.  It’s awesome.  Widespread peer-to-peer bandwidth sharing, to cut down on the cost of bandwidth for the original content provider.  But here’s my thing:  it’s broken.

Case in point:

The problem with bittorrent
That’s not right.  If I’m nice enough to donate that much upload bandwidth to “the swarm,” I’d like to get at least half of that speed back in download, just as fair recompense.

Bah.  Only 16d7h until my stupid download finishes.

Bored Beyond Belief

I feel kinda like Steve Martin in the middle of LA Story, only I don’t even have rain to watch.  I’m not even asking for a laugh-riot whirlwind of action, I just want something to do besides write about how bored I am.  Maybe I should brush up on my Spanish or Italian, or learn German, Russian, or Japanese so I can start reading weblogs from the other 2/3 of the world.

It’s not like I haven’t tried, either.  There are 71 webcomics on my list that update on mondays; I’ve gone through all of them, and 4 or 5 other new ones that I didn’t end up liking (although I did read through the entire archives of at least 2 of them).  I’m subscribed to nearly a hundred weblogs, but none of them have updated in the last hour or two.

At least earlier this week when I was puzzling through complicated phone system logs, I was occupied with something.  Now, “I got nothin’.”