Malaise of the Internet-savvy

More and more these days I look to the Internet for distraction, and come up empty.  I keep hoping I’ll find something good to read, watch, look at, listen to, whatever.  But it seems like every time I start up Safari, or go to Bloglines, or update my podcast list, I’m finding less and less that interests me.

I don’t think it’s because I’ve run out of Internet; while it’s obviously a finite resource, there is definitely a ridiculous amount of data (used in the literal sense) that I haven’t been exposed to.  The trick is finding it.  Given the large number of resources available with “social bookmarking” (flickr,, etc), there are places I can look for data in which I might be interested.  The problem is, most of the time these days I don’t know what I’m looking for, I’m just looking.  Like wandering around a bookstore looking at random covers before something inspires you.

It’s just too hard for me to enumerate what I’m looking for.  Maybe it’s a sign that I need to stop with the Internet entirely for a while; get out & experience life, what have you.

Bored again

So I’m bored again, clicking on the “Random Search” link on, and I’ve begun to wonder.  I’m sure it must be the case, since I don’t encounter it so much in day-to-day life, but I’m hoping there’s some persons of the XX persuasion (as opposed to XY) out there who can answer me this…
Girls do stop with the cutesy hearts and pink, right?  I mean, a little of it is OK, but I think my eyes are going to start falling out of my head if I see too many more livejournal sites written in dark pink on a light pink background.

It’s called typography and color design.  Look into it.

Maybe I’m just bitter because I can’t get my own site looking the way I want it to.

Good Shows

. . . and adding to the list of good TV shows that I don’t find out about until the end of their first season (just like Alias), it’s another J. J. Abrams show: Lost.
I’d heard people saying good things about Lost, and I think I may have caught a few minutes of one episode earlier this year, but didn’t think anything about it.  The exact same thing happened for me with Alias: I downloaded the pilot off the Internet after season 1 ended, watched it, and immediately got hooked.
I just finished watching the 2-part pilot and the next episode (“Tabula Rasa”, I think), and let me say, I’m intrigued.  The various characters’ secrets are much more obviously present in this show, unlike Alias where you don’t learn that the secrets exist for a while.  Like “What did Kate (if that’s her real name) do?”, or “What is the miracle Mr. Locke is talking about?”.  There seems to be enough material that you’re obviously supposed to be curious about that I may start keeping a journal to keep track of the questions and their answers.  I’ll have to keep downloading the episodes over the summer as they’re slowly reposted, so I can be ready to download season 2 as it airs.  I’d watch it live, but I’m pretty sure ABC is going to pull that irritating “runs from 8:01 to 9:02” shit again next year, and that pisses me off just enough that it will keep me from watching it live or DVR’ing it.  Plus it’s just that much better without the commercial breaks.  Maybe I’ll use my VCR to record it; it’s not like it’s doing anything else these days.