My ears are bored

14,000-song random just isn’t cutting it any more; I need new music to listen to.  In an amazing departure from the norm, I’ve actually enabled comments on this post (click the title up there to get to the appropriate page to post them).  All suggestions will be attempted (so long as it’s on the Internet somewhere).  Unless I’ve already tried them.

Movies Movies Movies

Wow, it sure is coming up on movie season soon.

I saw the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie this evening, and boy was I impressed. I laughed through most of the movie, and really appreciated all of the “little things” that managed to make their way from the book to the movie.

A couple of things to look for: Peter Jones is back as the voice of the Guide; I thought that was a very nice touch. When Arthur’s working through that queue in the middle of the movie, he passes by a big boxy robot. I’m pretty sure that’s the “original” Marvin from the HHGG miniseries made by BBC Television back in the ’80s. And watch the last visual element of the movie very carefully. I won’t say any more than that.

And to the nay-sayers who complain that the movie is too different from the book, or that “they” ruined it after Douglas Adams passed away, I’d like to point out that the original Guide (the book and its four sequels) was based on the BBC radio show (written by Douglas Adams, of course). And the TV series was produced after the book was written. All three (all four, if you include the movie, and all five, if you include the “new” BBC Radio production of the Guide) share common plot elements, but they are also all substantially different from each other in some ways. So get a life, and enjoy the movie for what it is, a “rollicking good time,” a “ridiculous nigh-science fiction movie,” or whatever.

On a semi-related note, I upgraded to Tiger on Friday night (bought it at 18:00 at my local Apple store), and just finished watching the HD trailers for Serenity, Batman Begins, and The Fantastic Four. All three look awesome, with Serenity taking first place far out in front of the others. Who knew River was such a bad-ass?
It makes me want to watch all 13 episodes of Firefly again.
I’m looking forward to Serenity more than I am to Revenge of the Sith.