New truck

On a different note, I bought a new truck last week.

My old, trustworthy (until then) ’93 Ranger finally gave out on Tuesday last week. I was in the parking lot at home, getting ready (at 6:15 AM, no less) to drive down to San Marcos for some training (given to me, not by me). I throw the shifter into reverse (manual transmission), and I get nothing. Back to first, nothing there either. I put it in neutral, and I get forward motion. “This is bad,” I think. So I have it towed to my local mechanic, and fall asleep somewhere between 8 and 9 (I slept really weird hours last week). I was off Wednesday, so I slept late and was awakened by Oscar, calling to give me the bad news. The transmission is completely b0rked: apparently the transmission fluid level had gotten so low that the gears had completely fused in either 1st or 2nd. And it’ll cost me about $2,000 to fix.
So I wake up a little more, and drive my nice little rental shoebox (a Dodge Neon) over to the Ford dealership near me, and drive out a few hours later with one of these. The “Edge” model, with a SuperCab and a 3.0L V6. And you know? I really like having a new car (truck, whatever). In the words of Ferris Bueller (and I know I’ve used this quote before), “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up.” I guess the last 10 years I’d just gotten used to the quirks of my old truck, but it’s very enjoyable to step on the gas and actually go.
Now if I can only get a good 8 hours’ uninterrupted sleep, I’ll be good as gold.

Comment Spam

You know, I’m getting really tired of logging in to the admin portion of this site, and having to delete anywhere between 6 and 20 spams for onl1ne p0ker (obfuscation by me). I think I’ll just turn off commenting alltogether; it’s not like I get that many, and it seems like everyone who reads this site already has my email address…