Yay! Fixed WordPress Paging!

Those nifty “next page” and “previous page” links at the bottom of the page finally work! Here’s how I fixed it. Well, actually, here’s the changes I made that corrected the problem. How I fixed it involved digging through PHP files for about half an hour.

It seems that with the WordPress 1.3 nightlies (and, I assume, the CVS and alpha versions as well), the “blogfilename” option in the wp_options table isn’t populated. I issued this statement in mysql_client to fix it:

update wp_options set option_value=’index.php’ where option_id=2;

and lo and behold: after a refresh the pages actually work correctly! Note: in my wp_options table, option_id 2 was also option_name ‘blogfilename’. If you’re going to try this, please make sure that YOUR option_id 2 is also option_name ‘blogfilename’. That, or use this statement instead:

update wp_options set option_value=’index.php’ where option_name=’blogfilename’;

Of course, I thoroughly suggest you make a backup of your database before changing anything. If you mess up your blog by trying this without checking what your current values are, I can’t be held responsible.

I’m sure there’s an option in the wp-admin section to enter this value appropriately (and if not, I’m sure it’ll be added soon), but I couldn’t find it.

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