Yeah, there’s a test post below. Apparently can make posts to weblogs that have BloggerAPI capabilities. What’s strange, though: the post obviously worked, but the site told me that it failed for some reason. I guess WordPress’ BloggerAPI implementation (via xmlrpc.php) doesn’t return exactly what flickr expects. Oh, well; I can remember that, and work around the limitation accordingly.

Anyway, you should check that site out. It’s pretty cool. I’m not much for chatting, but it seems like a very convenient way to integrate picture-sharing into a chat/IM environment. And boy is it pretty. If only all web sites had a visual design that nice.


Now this is cool. I found the link originally on boingboing; you can order pizza via a command-line program from your unix-like machine. If only Domino’s founde didn’t donate money to militant anti-abortion groups, I might have a cause to use it. It’s really a shame, too; I’d love to test this thing out. Now, I don’t have a personal stake in the “pro-life” vs. “pro-choice” thing (read anti-abortion vs. pro-abortion). I feel that it’s up to people who are directly affected by the cause to have the largest voice in that cause; single, unattached males (in my oh-so-humble opinion) shouldn’t have as much of a say in these matters as say, a married (or otherwise attached) woman who might become pregnant. My problem with Domino’s founder donating money to these groups is that they’re militant. There are better things to be violent about.