Tech support rant

There are a couple of things that really bug me in the tech support business, and they’re all users.

  1. Why can’t people remember their usernames? It not like they don’t see them EVERY FUCKING TIME they connect to the internet.
  2. I can’t count the number of times a month that someone calls in for tech support with their computer turned off. What’s the point, really?
  3. Yes, I can help you. Even though you only have one phone line. Trust me, I do this for a living. Really.
  4. And while I’m at it, when I say “How can I help you,” don’t say “I hope you can help me.” If you’re the kind of person who says that, I can GUARAN-FUCKING-TEE that I can help you.

Sorry for the vitriol, but I’ve got a headache, and I’m talking to someone who violated #’s 1, 2, and 4 within the first minute of her call. Maybe in an hour, I’ll have had some food and I’ll be in a better mood.

New video card!

got a new video card yesterday. Since this is almost certainly going to end up on Google, I’ll use complete sentences and try to check my spelling.

Now, let me preface my little tale with the following fact:
I work 3rd shift at a technical support company. This means that I was awake all night prior to this whole event. For the curious, I’ll include approximate times for the various events.
And now, on with the show.
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Spam report

It’s time for the new spam report! Since I run the mail server for several domains (well, 2), I have the benefit of being able to create an email address whenever I need one. For instance, if I needed to give an email address to “” in order to sign up for something, I’d edit my .aliases file, and create the address “ -AT-”. That way, I know, without a doubt, where a spammer got my email address.

That said, I just got a nice piece of targeted direct email from, and it was sent to “ -AT-”. So if you sign up for an account at, I’d recommend against giving them your email address. Maybe it’s as simple as a web-crawler went through the user list and catalogued the email addresses (there is no obfuscation in place, and I had entered my address as publicly-viewable), so you might be safe with just not providing a public email address. But personally, I don’t care. I will now never do business with (which is a shame, because their prices seem halfway decent), and I will also no longer be doing any business with, either. I think I’ll establish my own sub-page with a full listing of these.

Update: Aforementioned sub-page.