Update: 2004-02-16: For those of you who are too stupid to type the URL into the “Address” field of your browser instead of into the Google search form, please note the following: (a) There are no torrents available to download from this site. (b) If you really want to figure out where Hawkie’s has gone to, look at the damn source to their “old” home page. We now return you to the previous entry:

Ah, the beauty of the internet. Here are a couple of sites that I’m looking at the last few days:

Well, at least while I’m at work. At home, I’m still about halfway through Majora’s Mask. After that, Zelda 1 & 2, then Ocarina of Time again, and then finally Windwaker. I’m just on a giant Zelda kick this month.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, it’s my birthday today. There’s not really that much to say about it; I’m at work, and I really wish I’d brought the Gamecube that I bought myself as an early present on Saturday.

Events like birthdays, at least in my mind, are a time for personal reflection. But what to reflect upon? I’m finally losing weight, and once I get past the holidays I’m well on my way to my target weight. I’ll probably even start working out after the new year (although I may get my membership in December to beat out all the price gouging that I imagine happens after everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions). My finances are looking up for the first time since I got a credit card (back in 1995, finally paid off 3 years ago), and I may even get a savings account soon. My career is kind of on a back burner, but that’s not unexpected considering the fact that EVERYONE in my line of work is experiencing career setbacks due to the bust.

Like my friend Andy says, “27 is when all those rock stars died.” He turns 28 tomorrow, and at that point he will have outlived them all. Now I just need to do the same thing. 366 days to go (or is it 367 since 2004 is a leap year?).

. . . and now I’ve got that Cracker song stuck in my head. You know the one. It’s one of their two big hits. Time to go pretend to work some more.


I bought one of these (the “squared” model) the other day. It seems like a neat little notebook; it holds everything I need. I suppose I should think about writing something “significant” in it, but really I don’t have anything significant going on right now. I’m pretty much using it as a day planner, without the dates printed on every page.
I just write what needs to be done, and if I’m feeling meticulous enough, I also write the date above where I start. The square-ruled pages are handy, because it makes it easier for me to draw “checkboxes” for TODO items.

I really wish I could just sit down and write something, but really I haven’t been insired (literarily) for quiet a while. But hey, I keep it next to my bed should I have a dream-inspired revelation or something; maybe I’ll get lucky some day.

Another tech support rant

And calling tech support from work when you’re having a problem with your home computer is like driving your jaguar to the mechanic, and saying “I’m having a problem with my Camaro; can you fix it?”