Alton Brown

et another link I ganked from Fark, Brian’s Belly has an article which is a combination mini-biography/interview about (with?) Alton Brown, that enigmatic host (and writer, etc) of Good Eats. By the way, Good Eats is probably my favorite TV show ever. It’s great; it begins with teh basic premise of “cooking show,” but rapidly expands to (and here I paraphrase/quote the Brian’s Belly article) “Mr. Wizard meets Cooking Show.”

Check it out. Here in beautiful Central Daylight time, it’s on the Food Network all the damn time these days; new episodes are on Wednesdays at 8:00, and reruns of older episodes are at least monday through friday at 10:30. The drawback to those being it’s on opposite Futurama on the Cartoon Network.

Hopefully, I’ll have more fun updates next week.


Hell Froze Over

I saw this picture on Grotto 11, and I promptly stole it; isn’t that what the internet’s all about?

Anyway, if I still used Windows on my x86 hardware, I’d probably switch to iTunes. Feature-for-feature, it’s the best (only?) program of its kind right now.

tech support rant

It seems like all I do is bitch about work these days. Well, not even about work, just about the people I have to talk to. Well, not to disappoint, here’s another one.

There’s a reason I say everything. When I say “”, there’s a reason I said every syllable. I didn’t say “”, and I didn’t say “maildevlogicorg”. Please type what I say.

And if you’re reading off of your screen to me, please say what’s there. If the blank says “”, please say “mail dot devlogic dot org”. It doesn’t do me any good for you to say “” when that isn’t what it says. All it does is make me either

  • repeat myself
  • or

  • correct you.

Neither is enjoyable to either one of us.

End rant. There may be more later; who knows?

queue woes

This is horrid.

And that picture isn’t completely correct, either. There were only 2 of us, not three; I grabbed that screenshot in the middle of an update.


I seem to remember posting somethign on the old site about the “ultimate toolkit”. Well, here it is. I want one of these. Too bad it’s $450. Maybe I’ll save up my pennies.

Or just make my own; there’s a good list of ingredients there, and I’m pretty sure I can get one of those attache-style cases at Altex or the Container Store or something. Maybe after I get back from Vegas I’ll look into it.