More disc golf

Central Texas Disc Golf Love is the premiere site for information about public disc golf courses in central Texas (Austin, San Marcos & surrounding areas). Aerial photos of the courses, with lots of digital photos of the actual tee box, fairway, and basket positions. Good stuff. If you’re a dgolfer in Austin, I recommend you check it out. Of course, if you’re a dgolfer in Austin, there’s probably no way you DON’T know about the site, either.

And boy howdy did I have a dehydration headache when I woke up this evening. It was worse than a hangover for the first hour or so.

Disc Golf

So I just got back from playing a round of disc golf with my buddies Andy, Paul, and Nathan. Fun was had by all. This was the first time I’ve played disc golf since I was about 10, and I have to say I think this may become a regular thing. The only trick will be figuring out when I’m going to sleep; you’ll notice it’s after 1300 here in Austin. I’m usually at least 3 hours asleep by now, since I have to work tonight.

Memo to myself: remember to stay hydrated through the week, so that I don’t die during disc golf next time. I went through over 2 liters of water in the 2.5 hours I was out this afternoon.


Just when I think “There’s never going to be a need for me to read kuro5hin again, I have to see what’s posted, and this is there. Now I’m going to have to go back every few days to see if the next part(s) are up yet.

On the plus side, it’s a very interesting, well-written article about networking. Parts one and two are also worth reading.

. . . and they’ll help me with my upcoming headache, load-balancing the connection between the two offices here. But that’s not for a while yet; I’ll have more time to study & ponder.

Familiar, Opie, Ipaq

well, I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for with my iPAQ (handheld). Opie made it to versio 1.0 earlier this month, and it’s included in Familiar v0.7.1. If you don’t know about it, Compaq made the iPAQ in a manner such that alternate operating systems can be put on it; I personally know of three other operating systems that will run on the H37xx series (linux, netbsd, and Plan9). is the “headquarters” for the open-source, linux version for the iPAQ (and sharp Zaurus, and a few other devices running on ARM processors). It’s gotten a lot better since it first started, and Opie (which is technically a fork of QPE) is looking pretty good. How good, you ask? This good:

That’s just a base screenshot, but there are more at

English students unite!

OK, I know I’m either preaching to the choir, or to deaf ears here . . . .

Pretty please, with sugar on top, if you write me a message, email, AIM, whatever: spell the words correctly, and capitalize where necessary. There’s not much that bugs me more than having to read something that looks like it was written by a 3rd-grader (unless it WAS written by a 3rd-grader).

Society in general, and the English language in particular, is suffering greatly at the hands of the instant message, the SMS message, and the shorthand of chats and IRC.

Don’t get me started on 1337 sp3a|<.

Title? What for?

And after a nice uneventful weekend, I’m back. I didn’t really do anything exciting this weekend, but I did manage to download lots of fun stuff to watch this week.

I also cooked up a nice tuna steak; for 5 bucks at HEB, it’s a pretty good start to a tasty meal that’s (a) a lot more food than your typical fast-food fare, and (2) way healthier to boot. Add on a green salad and some green beans, and you’ve got a huge dinner for about 6 bucks, and 10 minutes of cooking. And only about 5-7 “countable” carbs (depending on the salad dressing).

Did you know that Extra gum has 2 grams of carbs per stick, but they’re both “sugar alcohol”? That’s a good thing, because sugar alcohols also don’t “count” when you’re on Atkins; most people just don’t think about it because there aren’t a lot of food labels that list them.