Well, crap

So one of my DVD players crapped out yesterday. Luckily, not the one that I actually watch DVDs on, but unlickily, it’s the one that I watch all my VCDs and SVCDs on. It still plays the video from VCDs and SVCDs, but the audio is really low (I’ve got the volume on the player and on the TV maxed out), and it won’t play any video or audio at all on DVDs.
But since I paid less than $100 for it at Wal-Mart about 2 years ago, I think I’ve gotten my money out of it. Now the only problem is, what am I going to buy to replace it? I’m actually thinking I may just not buy another DVD player, and instead get a slimline DVD-ROM drive for my “test” computer; it’s in a slimline case already anyway (it looks like a PS2 when I’ve got it standing on end), and would probably fit the bill just fine.
Now the only trick is finding a small form-factor, 9mm height DVD-ROM drive with a black bezel and a standard 44-pin IDE connector (or even better, a standard 40-pin IDE connector and a 2-pin floppy power connector) that I can fit into the case.
Here’s hoping.

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