New Notebooks

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Aug 192008

The hardest part of starting to write in a new notebook is actually making the first mark on the first page.  I find it difficult to come up with something “good enough” or “witty enough” or “befitting the purpose of the book”.  Hopefully, I’ll change that with these stack of Cahiers.  They’re small and relatively inexpensive (more an upscale notepad than anything else), so I won’t feel too bad about using it for anything I’d like, as opposed to the hard-bound Moleskine notebooks that I carry around in my bag, which I’ve yet to fill even a third of the way out of a desire to make sure that what I write is “worth it”.

So this time, I decided “to hell with it,” grabbed a Sharpie®, and put some helpful graffiti on the first page of one of ’em.  Let’s see if this actually does the trick, and I use this one-blank book for the purpose for which it was created: to write things in.