Aug 202008

The main reason I wanted to get it set up was so I could email photos to the blog from my phone.  The default WordPress email handler, however, doesn’t play well attachments; it expects plain-text posts.  Lucky for me, there’s a plugin called Postmaster that solves the problem very nicely.  It handles pictures and videos in emails that are sent to the blog-by-mail address, and embeds ’em into new posts.  It even resizes pictures (retaining their aspect ratios) and auto-links them to the originals, and supposedly puts the videos into an embed tag that contains a quicktime player.  It looks like it might be ActiveX-based, though, so I might need to test that out and find a linux-based solution if appropriate.

Anyway, due to this new improvement, I may be posting a lot more in the future, if only because it’s a lot easier now.  Although I do dislike how long it takes to email a full-resolution photo from my BlackBerry over the EDGE network.  But I’m not about to shell out 600 bucks for a new phone with 3G, so I’ll just have to deal with it.

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