Nifty Leopard feature

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Jun 252007

Yeah, don’t ask how I got it, because the answer will be “the Internet.”

I just discovered that if you don’t have connection sharing turned on, and you plug in an ethernet cable (and that ethernet interface is configured), AirPort automatically turns itself off.



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Jun 202007

So has expired, mostly because I just wait for the renewal notifications to arrive instead of actively tracking the domain renewals (or even using a calendar of some kind). If you need to email me, send your email to an address (or my gmail account, if you know that address). I anticipate the domain (and its associated email addresses/lists) to be back up in a few days, depending on how quickly can answer my email.

Update 6/22 5:45 AM I just got one of my daily emails from; looks like everything’s back to normal. I just wish .cx domains didn’t cost more than .com domains.

Silly Internet Meme

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Jun 092007

Ryan and Sarah did it, so I figured I’d follow suit.

1. What bill do you hate paying the most?
Rent. It’s the only check I have to write every month, thanks to online bill-pay.

2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?
Home. I’m an awesome cook.

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live from Paul’s 30th birthday

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Jun 022007

it seems like all of us are getting old. I hit 30 back in november, Paul hits 30 in about 45 minutes. It seems like only yesterday we were climbing mountains in New Mexico, and I know that was 12 years ago. funny how life flies by while you’re too busy living it to notice.

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