May 112007

3:14 AM

That’s a piece of a screenshot that I took this morning at 3:14 AM. It’s from my iGoogle page (you know, that customized home page that Google will give you if you go to I hit refresh at 3:15 AM, and it was gone.

Just your daily moment of “hey, that’s neat”.

N.B. I’m almost always asleep at 3:15 PM, so I don’t know if this is a 12-hour thing, or a 24-hour thing. Maybe someone who has the time can check and leave a comment?

Edit 14-May-2007 0530 AM: Of course it’s not a 12-hour thing. There’s no stars in the middle of the afternoon. So a hat-tip to Google; you’re way more geeky than I am. But I appreciate that.

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