Jan 292007

Yeah, so I might just be insane. But the concept of wearing a cloak just appeals to me for some reason. Trouble is, it’s tough to find the right fabric when you don’t really know what you’re doing. I’ve been looking around online for the last few hours, and I’ve found prices that made me wince ($32.50 per yard for wool) and lots and lots of quilting “fat quarters” (which are virtually useless for making full-size garments). I’ve found sites that recommend looking for coating remnants, sites that recommend wool, wool/polyester blends, heavy cotton, wool/acryllic blends, fleece, not fleece, you get the picture.

So I think I may have to wait for my lovely bride-to-be to come back from Bedford (which, granted, should only be about a 10-15 hour wait), and talk this over, see if we can figure out the right terminology I can use to refine my search. I’ve already got a pattern (or two) that should do for starters, although it might be a good idea to get some muslin so I can make a mock-up on the cheap, just to see how it wears. Especially since I’m very inexperienced with this sort of thing (sewing).

The more I look into this project, the more I start to wonder if it’d be worth my time. I may give up on it by the end of February, or I might get even more hard-headed than normal about it; only time will tell.

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