Jul 132006

Never Trust a Skinny Chef…: Ups and Downs:
It’s an old post off of a food blog that I enjoy reading, but it gives me hope. I know everyone I talk to about losing weight says “I’m sure you can do it,” but I’ve had my doubts. But seeing someone who actually did exactly what I plan to do really does boot my hope reserves.

For the record, this guy went from 280 to 179. Granted, it took him twice as long as I have initially planned to devote to this exercise, but since I have similar goals (I weighed in at 273 on Monday morning this week, and I hope to be at 180 by late 2008). Let’s just hope that I don’t spend a year and a half hovering at 220 like Mr. Conway in the link…

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  1. I’ve spent a long time hovering at various weights. Just to show you how different everyone is, several people have lost 80-90 pounds in less than a year.

    I’m certainly guilty of taking a break or two, but I always try to keep some perspective. As long as my weight keeps dropping, or at the very least staying sort of level, I’m doing alright. It’s been 5 years now, and my weight is still down. I consider that a victory of sorts.

    Best of luck to you…

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