Jul 102006

Given the abundance of TV series that are coming out on DVD, by season or in “best of” packs, it’s pretty much become my common assumption that any TV series is available on DVD. I mean, I’ve got entire seasons of things like Buffy, Alias, Babylon 5, Cheers, and two Good Eats collections.

But apparently one of my favorite shows for watching on a lazy Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning – The New Yankee Workshop – is only available one episode at a time, on VHS, and costs 25 bucks a pop because it comes with a “measured drawing and materials list”. That’s a little much for me; I don’t really plan on making any of the projects featured on the show, given that I don’t have a wood shop. Or even a hand saw. I just enjoy watching the craftsmanship. And of course, it’s not popular enough of a show to be easy to “acquire” off teh Intarwub. There’s only 4 or 5 episodes posted within the last month. And I’ve seen all of ’em anyway.

Oh, well. I guess it’s time to set up a watch list in my newsreader, and hope that whoever posted those 4 or 5 episodes keeps it up, and manages to get some of the older episodes. Oh, and to start downloading the episodes off of my Replay TV and putting ’em on DVD; I need to justify having these copies of Final Cut Express and DVD Studio Pro.

PS to WGBH: If you make entire seasons of this show available on DVD for, say, 25 or 30 bucks a pop (there’s only 13 24-minute episodes per season; this seems like a fair price to me), I’d totally buy all of ’em.

PPS to Spike TV: If you released old seasons of Trucks! or Shade Tree Mechanics on DVD, I’d probably buy those, too. But only the ones with Stacey David. I don’t like those new guys so much…

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