Jun 122006

I was playing around in Second Life again this morning (I got tired of doing observations at work), and decided I needed to learn how to build stuff. A quick google search or two, and I ended up at the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives. I’m still working through the lessons (I’m on the 4th floor, and just finished with cubes, moving on to cylinders), but it’s very well laid out, and the notecards make sense to me. I think I’ll play around with this stuff some more, and build a few things in one of the sandbox regions. And if it’s fun enough, I’ll get a “real” account (i.e., I’ll start paying the Lindens for land ownership rights) and build a small workshop or something.

If you haven’t heard of Second Life, check out its Wikipedia entry. Just realize that it’s a lot more fun than the Wikipedia article makes it seem. It’s not really a game per se, more like a 3-D MOO.

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