May 302006

So a couple weeks ago, Heather convinced me that I needed to clean my apartment. And last weekend, I finally did it. Well, we cleaned, that is. There were multiple good reasons, chief among them being the constant cough I’ve had for the last year or more. And although I’m jumping the gun to say it, but the cough seems to be gone for the most part.

in any case, my apartment is now clean. Heather volunteered to take all of the tiled rooms: the bathrooms and the kitchen, and I got the carpeted rooms: the living room, the short hallway, and both of the bedrooms (one of which I use as an office). Well, that’s how it started out, at least. She ended up helping me with the office, which was by far the worst room of the bunch.

I’ve never been so glad that I own a carpet steamer; it’s so very satisfying to walk on freshly-steamed carpets. Yeah, it’s also great to be able to actually walk around my apartment, and to get to my bookshelves, and crap like that, but the carpets are the best part by far.

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