May 202006

Well, I got paid today, so got 200 bucks, and I’ll get a new superdrive some time this week. So hopefully by next weekend, I’ll once again have a working CD/DVD drive in my iBook. Luckily, this new drive is a SuperDrive, not a Combo Drive. So I get a DVD burner in with the mix. Which is nice; 6x as much space on a single disc, and my copy of DVD Studio Pro will be useful for something besides making ISO images.

So it’s time to dry out the ice cube trays again. Yes, I said ice cube trays; the Apple service manual actually recommends ’em for holding all of the tiny components (screws, springs, etc) when disassembling an iBook. Now if only I had a “black stick”. Meh, the chassis is already scratched up pretty mad, a few more nicks won’t hurt anything.

  One Response to “Dead CD-ROM drive, redux”

  1. You know…I’ve got tons of extra ice cube trays. Automatic ice maker in my freezer, dude. :) You can have ’em. In fact…I think I will bring them over later when you wake up…. :-D

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