May 162006

Thanks, Ryan. I spent like 10 minutes filling this thing out. But at least it took up 10 minutes of my day that would otherwise have been filled with me thinking “why isn’t it 8:00 yet?”

The longest survey you’ll ever fill out! Do the world a favor: fill it out and post it for all your friends…. Do this because the person who sent it to you didn’t sit here for ages for nothing. Answer all the questions honestly, no lying to avoid stuff.

-Name: Paul

-Brothers: None

-Sisters: One

-Eye color: Blue, Grey, Green, it depends on the weather

-Shoe size: 12 or 13

-Height: 6-1

-Innie or Outie: Innie

-What are you wearing right now? Jeans and a beige t-shirt

-Where do you live? Austin, TX

-Righty or lefty: batting or throwing? Meh, they’re both the same; I’m right-handed.

-Best place to go for a date: Beats me, I’ve never been good at picking date locations

-If you were to have kids right now: I’d be an awesome dad.



-Month: February

-Juice: Cranberry

-Breakfast: Bacon Waffles with lots of really thick syrup

-Number: it’s a toss-up between 13 and 42


Have You Ever….

-Bungee jumped: no

-Gone skinny dippin: no

-Played Truth or Dare: yes

-Been in a police car: not that I can remember

-Been on a plane: yes

-Came close to dying: yes

-Been in a sauna: yes

-Been in a hot tub: yes

-Swam in the ocean: yes

-Fallen asleep in school: no

-Broke someones heart: I’m not sure

-Sat by the phone all night: I get paid to do that

-Made out with just a friend: nope

-Been cheated on: no



-What’s your room like: messy as all get-out

-What is beside you: a phone, a coffee mug, a scanner

-What is the last thing you ate? Chicken Parmigiana and whole-wheat rotini in red sauce

-What kind of shampoo do you use? fake Pert Plus

Ever Had…

-Chicken pox: Yes

-Sore throat: Yes

-Stitches: no

-Broken nose : no

Do You…

-Believe in love at first sight: Yes, but I also believe it’s so rare that for all practical intents and purposes it doesn’t exist.

-Like picnics: not so much, what with the sunlight and bugs. Eating outdoors (as opposed to indoors) is fun though.

-Like school: That’s a tough one. It all depends on what classes I’m taking. I hated calculus, but loved symbolic logic. I think that if I get to pick the class, I like it.



-Was the last person you called: According to my cell phone, my mother, on Sunday.

-the last person you danced with: Heather

-makes you smile: HDL (also causes me to have silly grins on my face)

-Did you last yell at?: Probably someone at work, I can’t really remember

-Broke your heart: I don’t recall that having happened in my lifetime.

-Told you they loved you? HDL

-Do you like filling these out? yeah, right. Does anyone *actually* like filling these out? At least it distracts me from the “is it time to go home yet?” thoughts.

-Do you wear contact lenses or glasses: Glasses, but mostly because I’m too lazy to go get an eye exam for new contacts.

-Do you like yourself: Yep, 99% of the time

-Do you get along with your family? Most of ’em


More Questions:

-What are you listening to right now: not a whole lot. Some AIM beeps every so often, and case fans on the servers

-What did you do yesterday? Slept until noon (which is early for me), checked my email for the first time in a week (3500 messages! Woo!), spent some time with Heather.

-Hated someone in your family: Hate is too strong a word. Mildly disliked, perhaps, but never hated.

-What car do you wish to have: I really like the vehicle I drive now, although if the rumors are true and Ford comes out with a hybrid F-150 in a couple years, I’d like one of those.

-Good driver: yes

-Good singer: depends on your definition of “good”. It’s good enough for me, assuming I’m alone. Other people might not like it as much.

-Diamond or pearl: Diamond, because it’s a product that isn’t caused by irritation.

-Are you the oldest? Um, the oldest what? The oldest of my friends? no. The oldest sibling? yes. The oldest grandchild? yes. The oldest (only?) living boy in New Cross? nope

-Indoor or outdoor? depends on the reason for being in either, I suppose. Generally, I prefer indoors. But if I’m doing something like launching a bottle rocket or having a fight with broadswords, outdoors is definitely the way to go.

Today did you…

-Talk to someone you liked: “calendar” today? Not really, no. Within the last 24 hours? Definitely.

-Buy something new: Again, “calendar” today? I bought a new can of shaving gel about 12 hours ago…

-Get sick: No

-Sing: nope

-Talked to an ex: No

-Miss someone? yes


Last person who….

-Was on your bed? um, me I think. About 30 minutes before I left for work

-Saw you cry: HDL

-Made you cry: myself (stupid memories)

-You went to the movies with? about 15 different people (V for Vendetta)

-You went to the mall with: HDL

Have you….

-Ever been in a fight with your pet: that would require having a pet. So, no.

-Been to California: Yes, but it was over 20 years ago

-Been to Mexico: no. Was close enough to see the border once though.

-Been to Europe: yes

-Been to Africa: yes


-Do you have a crush on someone: not a crush, no. I like to think that what I have right now is more real than a simple crush.

-What books are you reading now: I just finished Fight Club, and haven’t started anything else. Probably Neil Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, since I’ve owned all three books for several years but haven’t even gotten halfway through the first one.

-Best feeling in the world: I’m gonna have to agree with Ryan and say “being loved”

-Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope

-What’s under your bed: junk, mostly. The lid to the plastuc tub that I keep my socks in, a couple chargers for various portable game systems, probably a book or two. Definitely no dead hookers. Really. No need for anyone to check.

-Favorite sport to watch: hockey, followed closely by minor-league baseball

-Favorite location?: Austin, TX. Specifically, 30°12’12.67″N x 97°45’48.60″W.

-Piercing/Tattoos: Two piercings, one in each earlobe. No tattoos.

-What are you most scared of right now: the future. Interpret that as you wish.

-Who do you really hate? Yeah, that’s just not me, you know?

-Do you have a job?: Yes

-Ever liked someone you didn’t have a chance with?: probably

-Are you lonely right now: No

-What’s stuck in your head right now: strangely enough, nothing. It’s a nice change, because there’s usually something in there.

-Have you ever played strip poker: No

-Have you ever gotten beat up: nope

-Ever liked someone but thought they’d never noticed you: possibly


-Your Favorite Food?: I like so many different foods, it’s kinda hard. But pizza (especially with pepperoni) is probably at the top of the list

-Have you ever cried for no reason? Yes

-Are you too shy to ask someone out?: no, but sometimes it takes me a good while to build up to it.

-Hugs or kisses?: both serve their respective purpose.

-Butter, plain or salted popcorn? butter and black pepper

-Favorite Flower?: It’s sappy, but I like roses and tulips.

-Have you ever fired a gun?: yes, many times. It’s fun.

-Do you like to travel by plane as opposed to car? No. I’d like to blame the TSA for that opinion, but the real reason is that I like the control that I have in driving a car which I just can’t get in an airliner.

-How many pillows do you sleep with?: two, although there are frequently four on my bed.

-Who are you missing right now?: HDL

-Do you think your ex misses you?: Yes

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