Mar 192006

I was going to write something here about how great my weekend’s been going, but instead I’ve been sidetracked.

I was just at Central Market (the HEB near my house was out of both “frozen veg med” and puff pastry sheets), and they had this ugly display with a sign that said “get on the bunny train”. Obviously, it was an ad for Easter. Now, I’m not going to be sidetracked here into a discussion of how the Catholic church stole Easter from the “pagans”; if you really want to read something, try wikipedia: Eostre, Easter (particularly the “Easter Controversies” section).

Any way, in an usual knee-jerk reaction, I got a completely different idea from it. Part of it’s probably because it’s only March 19th; it’s nearly a month until Easter. But in any case, I made a snap decision as to what I’m going to have for dinner some time soon (not immediately, since I just deposited my paycheck about an hour ago, but soon): rabbit. I’ve never cooked or eaten rabbit, but I’ve heard it’s fairly tasty, if a bit gamy at times. So rabbit it is. I’m thinking braised, maybe with glazed carrots and a squash gratin on the side. Maybe grilled fennel.

Heh. I guess the advertising worked anyway, even if it wasn’t what they were shooting for.

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