Nov 262005

Mario Kart DS has this nifty feature where you can “locate” your friends online for internet-based multiplayer. It’s pretty neat, but Nintendo pretty much requires you to distrubute your friend codes by word-of-mouth; there’s no central repository for friend codes on their site, and they’ve even specifically banned the discussion of trading these codes on their forums. So it’s the old-fashioned way for now, until some enterprising individual decides to make up a site for sharing codes.


Comments are enabled; leave yours as well. Any maybe if I get bored I’ll make up a searchable database or something.

  2 Responses to “Mario Kart DS Friend Codes”

  1. nickname: eon
    ranking: **
    wins: 275
    losses: 110
    friend code: 249172-475874

    (my skill varies, i don’t snake, but if you start snakin and don’t stop, i will slither past you like nothin!)
    hope to see all you soon…

  2. Thanks for the offer, but (a) I don’t really play that much any more, and (b) I’m more in the GMT +14 tribe these days

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