Nov 222005

So mere hours after hearing that WordPress 2.0 (beta) was available, I’m up and running with it.  Looks nice, although none of the changes really show up on the “public” side.  The admin area is now skinned in a slightly more appealing way.  Upgrade was pretty much painless.  Maybe some time soon I’ll see the changelog so I can figure out exactly what changed.

Update: It appears ecto can’t post successfully to WP2 yet. I’m sure it’ll be updated soon, but for now I guess I’ll just post updates the “old-fashioned” way via the admin page.

Update 2: (2005-11-26) OK, a few test posts later, and here’s the new verdict: ecto posts just fine to WP2b2. I think WP isn’t working with the GMT timestamps properly or something; ecto is sending the timestamp properly in the XMLRPC post, and is sending the post date/time correctly as well. But when it gets into the weblog itself, the TZ settings are wrong, and they’re sitting at “6 hours from now” in the “Upcoming Posts” section. I’ll hack on it more when I get tired of playing mariokart. For now, I set ecto to back-date the posts by 6 hours. It’ll look weird in my logs, but at least it’ll work the way I expect it to.

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  1. I’m posting successfully to WP2 with ecto. Check ecto’s console log to find out what is going wrong with your ecto-WP interaction.

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