A Brief Survey: Webcomics

Not all webcomics, mind.  Just some of the older ones on my list.

User Friendly:

I’m pretty sure UF is the first webcomic that I read on a regular basis.  It’s on my old static bookmarks page, which I haven’t used in a very long time.  But recently, even with the new AJ/Miranda thing, it’s just getting old.  Yeah, I get it.  Microsoft is bad, Linux is good.  Can we get some more inventive plots?

Sluggy Freelance:

I can understand that Pete needs to do something new, but for crap’s sake, I’m tired of the stupid hyper-intelligent caribou!  I don’t even read Sluggy any more on weekdays any more; I load the page up, see the stupid caribou, and close it.  I really enjoy the guest-comic Saturdays that Clay Yount does, though.

General Protection Fault:

GPF was going through a rough spell there for a while, to the point that I stopped reading it for about 3 months.  I just got tired of the overly-complicated, multi-month story arcs that didn’t really follow the main characters.  But (the current guest week aside) it’s gotten a lot better recently, and I’m back to checking it on a daily basis.

Something Positive:

R.K. Milholland is an amazing artist.  His artwork isn’t photorealistic (like what you may have seen in a recent story arc of Applegeeks), but something about his writing style, characters, and sheer irreverence for most things keeps bringing me back.  I can’t remember an s*p strip that I didn’t like.

More later if I get the urge.  There’s 108 webcomics on my list, so there’s still plenty of things left for me to write about.

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