Quick link – OS X 10.4.3 SafeSleep

How to use “Safe Sleep” in OS X:
This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen in a while; software-suspend for my iBook G4.  I always hated having to carry around a brick in order to swap batteries on my iBook; it was either that, or be prepared to save everything, shut all the way down to “power off”, swap batteries, and start up again.  Since the latter involves remembering all of the programs you’re using, and starting them back up again, and also remembering what you were doing before you waited 4 minutes for your system to shut down and start up again, I pretty much avoided that plan.  Which required me to carry around a brick: plug the brick into the wall (and the laptop, of course), pull the discharged battery, plug in the new battery, unplug the brick and stow it.
This new development means I can just close my laptop, wait for the flashing light, and swap the batteries.  I do see a few seconds extra while waiting for the “sleeping” light to start pulsing (obviously while the contents of memory are written do disc), and a corresponding wait to restore from sleep (when the sleepfile is read into memory).  But that’s a price I’m willing to pay if it means I can have 8 or 9 hours of battery life without having to carry around that brick.

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