Oct 212005

So there’s this new piece of software out there, based on Firefox, called Flock. It’s not too bad, but obviously still beta software.  I’m posting this entry from Flock’s integrated blogging client, which is kinda neat. I don’t think it’ll ever replace ecto, though. But it’s nifty, if for no other reason than its novelty.
One thing I really like that no other browser currently has, though: “Favorites”. They’re not bookmarks in the traditional sense. Flock syncs your bookmarks with your del.icio.us account automatically (well, after an initial configuration), and anything you “star” goes straight into your bookmark list. There’s even an option to tag the bookmarks as they go in.

So Flock gets a space on my dock next to Firefox; after a week, I’ll decide whether it stays.
Update (@0513): Ooh, that really chaps my hide.  Flock’s built-in blog editor apparently decided to ignore my nifty title.  I corrected it above, so that I’ll know what this post was about later.

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