Apr 222005

So I’m sitting here at work listening to “Party Shuffle” in iTunes, and Straight Out Of Compton from the album “Bring the Rock” by Nina Gordon just came on.  I was inspired to go find the original (by N.W.A.), and the contrast is really funny.  But the cover version is actually a very well-made song; I encourage anyone interested to go look for it; I think I actually got it off of her web site (not sure if it’s still up).

I think I need to make a compilation album that’s all covers, just so I can put that song on it.

Hmmm…  Maybe I’ll make it a double-disc release, and make disc 2 all of the original songs.  That sounds like fun.

This Sting song (I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying from the album “Mercury Falling” by Sting) is nowhere near as good, unfortunately.

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