I finally decided

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Mar 172005

I finally broke down and registered ecto. For only $17.95US, it really does everything I need it to do. It also has a bunch of features I don’t really need, but it’s nice to know they’re there.

Now if I can just figure out how the “HTML Tags” actually work, I’ll be in business. Maybe it’s in the tutorial or the documentation; I should read those.

Update: I figured out the HTML Tags. I was trying too hard before; I guess I just need to get used to the “It’s a Mac; try the simple approach first” rule…

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Socratic method at work

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Mar 162005

OK, I’m going to start by saying that I found this article because it was part of Jeph’s news post on Questionable Content.  But you should definitely read it; it’s awesome. The article is a description of using the Socratic Method to teach binary math to a classroom full of 3rd-graders.  Philosophy rules.

Exciting stuff

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Mar 132005

Some day, I need to start getting out of the house more.  if only so I’ll have something interesting to post.

I mean, let’s look at what I did today.  I got home from work around 8:00 (work was pretty uneventful; I watched about 12 episodes of Red Dwarf, and read some email).  I watched this week’s episode of NUMB3RS, read about a chapter of The Arrow of Time (actually a pretty interesting book on theoretical physics and temporal theory), and fell asleep some time between 10 & 11.  After I finally got up (some time around 18:00), I did hack a bit on my webserver, setting up a “fake” .mac server.  It works pretty well inside my home LAN, but I suspect that I’ll primarily use it for putting stuff from work onto my box at home; with my measly 384k upload from RoadRunner, downloading anything from the WebDAV space would probably take about 100 years.  After that, I came back to work.  I’ve watched Hellboy and about half of Fight Club so far.

Pretty exciting, eh?

Anyway, that WebDAV stuff is pretty neat.  But keeping the hack in place to make the “My iDisk” link work will prove irritating; my IP changes from time to time, and I’d just have to remember to keep updating my /etc/hosts file to keep it working.  But it is a nifty project anyway.  Now if only Google would add a WebDAV interface to gmail, so I could split that gig among the email that I get (which is comparatively little) and a personal disk space of some kind.  Oh, and a hack to reconfigure the “My iDisk” menu option so it’d actually open with a minimum of effort.

Oh, well.

I’m really liking ecto, by the way.  I’ve still got a few days left in my trial, but at only $18, I think I’ll probably register it.

And with that, I’m done for the morning.

iTunes fun

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Mar 082005

I finally got bored enough this morning to go through my iTunes library and listen to all of the free songs I’ve downloaded since October.  And to tell the truth, all of them have merit of some kind.  Although most of them aren’t my style of music, each of the first 15 has been good enough that I didn’t stop the song in the middle (or delete it)…

I may have to start drinking Pepsi or something, so I can get some songs that I want off of iTunes.  Because there’s very little chance I’ll actually pay for them myself :)

Dr. No

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Mar 072005

So I decided to watch all of the James Bond movies again, in order.  It was mainly a spur-of-the-moment decision, just as I was walking out of the door tonight on my way to work I grabbed Dr. No.  Apparently I’ve been missing a lot by watching DVDs on my crappy TV; even on this tiny 14″ LCD, I get an infinitely better picture on my laptop.  Which makes me wonder what else I’ve been missing out on.  I guess I need to watch a few [S]VCDs on my laptop, to see if there’s any difference.

But boy, can you tell that this movie was made in 1962.

Kernel 2.6.11

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Mar 042005

On the plus side, I installed the new Linux kernel (2.6.11) some time within the last 48 hours,  and it looks like the bugs in 2.6.10 with growisofs and DVD burners was fixed; k3b seems content enough to burn ISOs again.  Which is nice, because I was tired of typing the stupid command by hand in a root console window.

Now if I could just find enough time to actually burn all these ISOs.  My hard drive is getting pretty full…


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Mar 042005

So I’m trying out this new program called “ecto” (available on OS X and Windows, it should be obvious which one I’m using). It’s pretty much a blogging client; you know, type what you want to post, click the “publish” button. It’s got a few nifty features, like a WYSIWIG editor, and support for the “excerpt” feature. It’s pretty sweet so far, although I really dislike the stupid drawer on the main window; I only have one weblog that I post to, and don’t need to see the full account list.

But anyway, it’s a 15-day trial, so I may as well use it for a while to see if it’s useful enough to me to buy (or if I’ll just switch back to WordPress’ default posting page instead).

One kinda nifty feature: it has this “iTunes” button in the toolbar. When I click it, it does this:
Race To Old New York from the album “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” by Final Fantasy
Which is pretty sweet, if I cared what other people thought of what I listen to.

Meh. I’ll decide some time before the end of the trial if it’s worth it. But given the frequency of my updates, it’s fighting an uphill battle already.

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