Feb 112005

On a different note, I bought a new truck last week.

My old, trustworthy (until then) ’93 Ranger finally gave out on Tuesday last week. I was in the parking lot at home, getting ready (at 6:15 AM, no less) to drive down to San Marcos for some training (given to me, not by me). I throw the shifter into reverse (manual transmission), and I get nothing. Back to first, nothing there either. I put it in neutral, and I get forward motion. “This is bad,” I think. So I have it towed to my local mechanic, and fall asleep somewhere between 8 and 9 (I slept really weird hours last week). I was off Wednesday, so I slept late and was awakened by Oscar, calling to give me the bad news. The transmission is completely b0rked: apparently the transmission fluid level had gotten so low that the gears had completely fused in either 1st or 2nd. And it’ll cost me about $2,000 to fix.
So I wake up a little more, and drive my nice little rental shoebox (a Dodge Neon) over to the Ford dealership near me, and drive out a few hours later with one of these. The “Edge” model, with a SuperCab and a 3.0L V6. And you know? I really like having a new car (truck, whatever). In the words of Ferris Bueller (and I know I’ve used this quote before), “It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend you pick one up.” I guess the last 10 years I’d just gotten used to the quirks of my old truck, but it’s very enjoyable to step on the gas and actually go.
Now if I can only get a good 8 hours’ uninterrupted sleep, I’ll be good as gold.

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