Jan 302005

So I’m sitting here, typing away on a new keyboard. It wasn’t exactly necessary; I mean, it’s a laptop. But I really liked the key rebound and tactile response from the Apple wireless keyboard, and since I already have a bluetooth mouse, it seemed a nice accompaniment. And it sure does work well; I just love not having to deal with cables. I can kick back, put up my feet, and type away without any trouble at all.
As for the mouse, it’s a Logitech MX900. The base station that came with it isn’t compatible with OS X for some reason (which is strange, considering that if it weren’t for the Macintosh, Logitech probably wouldn’t make any Bluetooth devices at all). But I also have a USB bluetooth “pocket” adapter that does the job wonderfully. And with this nifty piece of shareware that someone mentioned on MacOSXHints.com called “GamePad Companion,” I’ve even managed to get the “Back” and “Forward” buttons to work properly. Plus I love having an Exposé button on the mouse; it speeds up window switching so much more without having to push F9 by hand.

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