Jan 082005

So I discovered late Wednesday (well, it was technically Thursday morning) that ABC is apparently showing Alias on Wednesdays now instead of the Sundays that served so well for the last 3 seasons. OK, I’m fine with that; every show needs a change of scenery eventually.

But those bastards in charge of scheduling have just ticked me off. Instead of a nice easy timeslot that makes it so I can record other shows (like CSI:NY or Good Eats, both of which start at 9:00), Alias apparently runs from 8:01 PM to 9:02 PM.

Guess what, ABC? This means I won’t be watching Alias live, or even recording it with my DVR. It means I’ll be downloading the episodes each week from the Internet and burning them to CD (or DVD, I haven’t decided yet). So your advertisers don’t get my eyeballs. If it weren’t for Alias, there wouldn’t be anything I’d watch on your network, and because of this scheduling crap I won’t even need to tune to your channel at all. I may just delete it from my TV, because lord knows I need more reruns of… um… what is it that ABC shows again?

Ah, yes. After a quick trip to ABC.com, it appears I need more Bachelorette, Jim Belushi sitcoms, and “Wife Swap,” whatever that is. No, I think I’ll be taking advantage of the fact that there are lots of people on the Internet that are really good at capping and posting TV shows. I’ll get to skip the wonderful commercials (18 minutes per hour these days, you know), and I’ll have nice, archival quality, HDTV widescreen caps of the only show that’s worth watching on ABC.

I think I win.

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