Dec 252004

Well, it’s X-mas again. And I’m at work; lucky me. At least I’m getting double-time for working, and I even get to spend the entire day with the family afterwards (assuming I can stay awake all day).

Some updates to the site (and in general):

  1. A link to the other blogs I read is over on the right; look for the “See Bloglines” image (which I had to create myself, because apparently there isn’t already one).
  2. I think I’m going to just ditch the post categories; I never use them anyway, and they just take up space on the “write post” page.
  3. It seems the clutch on my truck is going out; I’m hearing an irritating whining sound when I accelerate, and I can’t downshift into 2nd without a lot of effort. I need to decide whether I’m going to fix it, or just buy something new
  4. House of Flying Daggers is really cool. but I think it’s funny that IMDB has it listed as coming out in 2004; the DVD I “acquired” of it earlier this week was pressed in 2003…

That’s about all for now. Back to the movies I brought to watch tonight (assuming it stays slow):
Perfect Blue
Millennium Actress

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