Kernel 2.6.7

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Sep 012004

Ah. Much better. I just finished upgrading to Linux 2.6.7 (I was running 2.4.23 previously). I didn’t opt for 2.6.8 because of that nasty problem where non-root users can’t burn CDs.

But everything just fell into place. I did need to make a few tweaks to a couple of files, but by and large there were no huge problems. Until I got the right driver loaded for my USB controller (the module filename had changed to uhci_hcd), my mouse was going WAY too fast for me; it was almost unusable.

But on the bright side, now that I’ve stopped using IDE-SCSI emulation, my CD burning is a bit faster. It also takes a LOT less CPU to burn now, which is good. I always hated turning off my mp3 player to burn CDs. I burned season 7, volume 6 of Good Eats earlier while refreshing headers in my newsreader, listening to MP3s, and chatting on AIM. Before the upgrade, the burn would have to be the only thing I was actively doing.

And with ALSA (instead of the OSS I had before), there’s lots more mixer controls for my BS Live! card.

All in all, I call this upgrade successful.

Update: um, that’s “SB Live!”. Freudian typo, or just the regular kind? Who’s to say?