Sep 292004

I just (well, a couple of hours ago) finished putting in this nifty javascript that makes for large “title” mouseovers. Try it out on the links over on the right, or any link in this post; I added title attributes to them.

I initially saw this on, on the colophon page. I though it looked really cool, so I took a gander at the javascript that does it. The comments indicated that I could swipe it for my own means, so I did just that.

I’m still not sure if I like the color, but that’s pretty easy to fix; it’s a stylesheet entry.

Update: If you’re using IE and just see a rectangular box, you should know it looks even cooler in Firefox (or probably any Mozilla-based browser); the Mozilla rendering engine supports radii on stylesheet elements, so the “tooltip” actually has 3 round corners that you just can’t see in IE.

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