Aug 062004

I added a whole bunch of new categories for posts earlier. Most of them are still invisible, because I haven’t made any posts with them yet. But there’s all the fun ones, like “Classical Music” and “TMBG”, and I sub-categorized the “Technical” category.

The trouble is, a lot of my old posts use these new categories, but the categories didn’t exist when I wrote the posts originally. So I am faced with a decision: Do I go through the archives and edit each post (I’m up to over 120 at this point, I think) so they reflect the new categories? Or do I just not care, and use the new categories for new posts and let the old ones bask in their “retro styling”?

So difficult a choice.

Anyway, I added all these new categories because I’m putting some FOAF stuff into the backend; read the link to see what it can do.

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