Aug 062004

Well, not me, per se, but the site. I mean, Ian Main is a masterful coder (see my previous post), but the blue & white just isn’t me. I thought for a while that I might just desaturate the images, and convert to an all-grey profile that looked sort-of like “Human Condition”, but I decided in the end that doing so would just be a half-measure.

What I really need is a completely new design. I like the minimalism that humancondition provides, but there are some things (mostly things I can’t adequately describe) that I don’t think capture what I want to present. Since I’m not much of an artist, and I definitely don’t want to do something cheesy like have a giant fanart of some anime or manga, I think I’ll stick with simple geometrics (like the current slashed lines and gradients). I’m sure I can hack the current stylesheet enough to make it do what I want (especially with the web developer extension to firefox), it’s really just a matter of figuring out what I want to do (have I said that already?) . . . .

I’m thinking of color schemes, and something in the ranges of grey2 to grey17 (with a white background and black text) is probably what I’m gonna go with. Still not sure about the header and border graphics, though.

Meh, I’m sure I’ll think of something.

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